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Streaming or MP3s?

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As I write these lines, I listen to music on Spotify. To a playlist named “Lowkey Tech” with “chill techno and chill house” music. Recently I have been enjoying this music a lot. Electronic music, but relaxed and mostly without vocals.

Before I started using Spotify over 5 years ago, I often bought CDs on iTunes or Google Play Music. Often I got gift cards for my birthday, which I redeemed for either apps or music. The music I bought at that time was the same music you usually hear on the radio, mainly chart and pop music (because I didn’t know anything else). At some point I had a youthful rebellion phase and bought myself some rap albums as well.

Since I started using Spotify, first free and eventually premium, my taste in music has changed a lot. It’s now mainly electronic music, but sometimes loud music with fast beats and lots of bass, sometimes more relaxed music. Actually, most of the time I just listen to what Spotify suggests to me with the weekly mix on Monday or the release radar, which is available every Friday.

I am every now and then thinking about switching back to MP3s. I don’t listen to music that often and when I buy an MP3 once, I can listen to it infinitely often and don’t have to pay every month. But I got so used to Spotify recommending me music that I like, that now I don’t even have an idea what artists the music is from. I wouldn’t know which artists to look for on a buying platform and how to discover new music.

I think I have no choice but to continue using Spotify (or any other streaming platform) or stop listening to music. And even if I switch to MP3s, where do I store them? How do I access them? Which app works best on my smartphone?

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for me?

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