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Subscription fatigue

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Rahul writes about the “app subscription fatigue”. I don’t currently subscribe to apps through the Play Store, but I do pay monthly or yearly for some digital services.

Therefore I decided to make an overview of all my subscriptions to get an overview of my monthly costs for subscriptions.

I created a simple chart with LibreOffice Calc, that converts all expenses from dollars to euros and also calculates the monthly costs for annual subscriptions:

My monthly subscription expenses

My single most expensive subsription is the one for a weekly news magazine and access to paywalled articles on their website. The second most expensive is my mobile data plan (which is quite cheap for German standards though). My domains cost me roughly 12,5 € per months. For server stuff I pay around 8 € per month. And Spotify Premium for students is 5 € per month.

Through the listing I have gained few new insights, except to have an exact overview with the exact costs. I could sell two or so of the domains or just not renew them, but I always expect to keep them forever anyway (which is why I don’t buy new ones anymore).

I already had a listing in the app Subscriptions before, but then I didn’t maintain it. Nevertheless, the app is recommended for everyone who doesn’t want to bother to create an Excel LibreOffice Calc list with the corresponding formulas and settings.

I could probably add other expenses (insurance, etc.) to the table to have a better overview of all regular fixed costs. But that is another matter…

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