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Things You Can’t Wish For Christmas - About immaterial wishes

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Christmas is approaching. Less than a week to go until the celebrations. And so it’s now clear to everyone what they want, if it hasn’t been decided since last Christmas or the last birthday. New mobile phone, new computer, new game console…

The children’s wish lists are long and they have to accept that they don’t get everything they ask Santa for. Well, the remaining things have to wait until the next opportunity or the pocket money has to be saved.

But am I the only one who doesn’t want anything this year?

It always took me a long time to come up with something I could wish for, but the older I get, the harder it is for me. Maybe it’s just because I’d rather wish for some immaterial things.

As a child, we see what the other children in school have and want to have that too. Everyone in the class has a cell phone, and I also want one.

I just wish that next year, unlike 2017, will not be a fateful year for me, that I will be successful at university, that I will be able to spend a lot of time with my family, etc. Ok, maybe I would also wish that some of the people who left this year would still be there, but that’s like wishing for the stars from the sky.

If I would really need something (for example a new mobile phone, because my old one is broken), I can just buy it myself, if I have the need, because I earn my own money in the meantime. Then I’ll go to a store or an online shop and get it. But convulsively think about something for Christmas? No, that’s nothing for me!

If it wasn’t the immaterial wishes, I could be described as wishlessly happy…

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