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When Unexpected Things Jumble Your Plans

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Yesterday, I tried updating my server. How stupid was I, thinking everything will work without problems. It didn’t work. That stole me two hours of sleep and around 1 hour of time I could have used for more important things.

And there are a lot of important things. I finally finished making my websites GDPR compliant (at least I hope that’s the case now), then there’s a lot of learning to do (exams are in less than two weeks) and also another project for university where it now happened, that my team mates weren’t reliable and there’s a lot of extra work now.

I write this post while waiting for my bread rolls to finish unfreeze in the oven, to reflect on these things. Sometimes there are a lot of things to do and there’s a huge workload. In these times, focus on manage your time wisely, reduce distractions and overcome procrastination. Even I’m not perfect in doing it this way (I got distracted by that server update) but trying is probably better than totally ignoring your tasks and get bad consequences.

In around 4 weeks or so, the university part should be over and I finally have a 40 hours week again, where I don’t still have to do a lot of tasks, when I come home. Having free time, where you don’t need to do something, currently sounds like the best thing on earth to me.

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