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Summer vacation ‘20

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Translations: Sommerurlaub ‘20
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This year I once spent my summer vacation not with my family but with my girlfriend (going on vacation alone feels so grown up somehow… 😅). I spent two weeks with her at the bay of Lübeck. To switch off from everyday life and relax. 😌

We often went swimming in the 22°C warm Baltic Sea, went for walks, rode our bikes (and got soaking wet from the rain), visited Lübeck and Ratzeburg, sand sculptures, as well as the oldest lighthouse in Germany (it stands in Travemünde and was first built in 1539), took pictures, ate a lot of ice cream and, you probably won’t believe me, but actually read books. I read two whole books in two weeks, my personal record for years.

It was a really nice time. I even survived (very well indeed) the fact that there was no Wi-Fi and only mega slow cellular network, that I couldn’t program anything and that I didn’t blog anything except for a post about my absence. You would probably call this digital detox. By watching the daily news it was still possible to keep up to date with the current world events (and the unfortunately increasing corona case numbers).

The weather was very pleasant. Unlike in the rest of Germany, the temperatures stayed within reasonable limits, since it is always a bit fresher at the sea. Also there was hardly any rain, except the day we rode our bikes.

Here is a photo I have taken of a seagull:

A seagull


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