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What You Love To Do, Do With Pride

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I love programming. I never hide this. I love running. I don’t hide this either. And I love writing creepy articles, this article is the prove that I even don’t hide this.

I do all these three things with pride. I tell people about it, I share it on social media and I even write it in applications.

Some people might think I’m a nerd. They are probably right. Some people might think I spent more time with my PC than with other people doing things like drinking, partying etc. They are right, I set my own priorities!

But is it forbidden to live this way? Can’t everyone choose his or her own lifestyle?

Why should I hide something I love to do? I’m proud of being different and living the way I live, this makes me unique!

When you look into a mirror, do you see your true self? Do you see the person your proud of being? Do you see a person who is following it’s dreams with passion? If not, change it!

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