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Why Did I Forget The Greatness Of Podcasts?

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I like podcasts. I really like podcasts. But it’s only a few days since I rediscovered how much I like them.

Like a week ago my friend Zan started his own podcast (together with another guy). Because I follow his work I also listened to the first two episodes. Their podcast is called “Pocket Friend” and they talk about all things mobile. A topic I’m really interested in.

Also one of my favorite YouTubers recently started podcasting. And because I listened to Pocket Friend and now have a podcast app on my phone, I thought, why not listen to that too? And because this app also has a discovery feature, I just found two other podcasts, which keep me up to date about topics I care about or which discuss things, I’m interested in.

Podcasts really have an advantage over text or video. People often skip articles, if they are too long. It’s really hard to focus on an article on a screen, if it takes more than 10 minutes. And for video you also need to look at a display all the time. Podcasts are just audio and you can listen to it while commuting, cooking, sleeping, whatever… You can just do it while doing something else and it doesn’t need as much attention as other types of media. It’s more like listening to music, but getting some interesting information.

I once used my favorite music streaming app Spotify for podcast listening, but Spotify is somehow limited for podcasts. You just have a small selection of podcasts and it hasn’t advanced features like silence skipping or faster playback.

Pocket Casts is the app of my choice. It costs money, but it’s amazing. Clean interface, awesome features and wide range of included podcasts. If you want, you can also synchronize podcasts between devices. I really recommend it for everyone.

What are your favorite podcasts? Are you even listening to some?

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