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Why Does Everyone Want to Be Like All Others? - On Losing Our Uniqueness

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Why are we trying to adapt our behaviour to that of other people? Why do we want to be like others? Why do we want to have what others have? Why do we absolutely want to belong to this mass of people who somehow try to be equal?

Whoever dresses in fashionable clothes, i. e. according to the latest trend, strives in principle to adapt to others, right? To imitate their appearance. To belong to, to be looked at, to feel good.

But those who do not follow these fashion laws, those who dress differently because they don’t care what’s in fashion, those who behave the way they want to behave are looked at weirdly.

So only those who are mainstream are normal or how do you understand that? Can you even understand it?

I cannot understand why we want to align ourselves, when we are all really unique and could celebrate this diversity. We all have different tastes, but we still wear the clothes we see in the media from personalities.

We even adapt our other behavior to each other. When all of a sudden Fidget Spinners are in fashion, we all pick up some and play like crazy with these parts. Why? We don’t know.

Sure, we want to be cool. Showing that we’re up to date on the latest happenings. That we know what’s hip. That we belong. To the invisible group to which only the cool ones belong.

We want recognition. But for what? That we distort, just to be a part of it? For giving up our own style? For replacing our own interests with the interests of the masses?

It remains a mystery to me….

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