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Why I Became The Complete Opposite Of A Social Media Addict

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One or maybe two years ago, you could have been looking at my life and you probably would have noticed that I spent a lot of my time with social media.

I knew about all the trends, I knew what was going on in my circle of friends, I knew who was on vacation and where.

I had all the apps and was represented on all the social networks and filled them regularly, if not too often with unnecessary content. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Twitter…

But honestly, I don’t miss it at all.

I’m currently evaluating whether to delete my profile on Instagram. After I’ve already said goodbye to Facebook and Snapchat, this is the next logical step and the latest discussions about the algorithm changes only intensify that. But how do I backup all my pictures?

Social media is actually meant to enable us to network better with each other, to share experiences and perhaps get back into contact with old friends.

But today’s social media is something completely different. At every corner something is to be sold to us, everyone wants to show that their own life is the most worth living and everyone else has to be jealous.

Whoever has more “friends” or “followers” is better. Well, if most of us only knew how easy it is to buy thousands of followers…

It has become a battle of egos and we are becoming more and more dependent on random numbers, algorithms and the envy of others.

But it doesn’t make life any better!

I’m a big fan of technology, especially when it helps people become more efficient, enjoy a simpler life and become happier, but social media isn’t that.

I realized that the path to a happier self is not reachable through social media, but only by focusing on myself.

Instead of envying others for their great lives, I should start to take steps that will bring me closer to my goals. I should be doing things that fulfill me. And I should listen to my heart.

Because if I manage to be proud of myself, I don’t need the recognition of others. If I know what makes me happy, I don’t need to be jealous of others who may be “happier” than I am.

Without social media, I can just be me better.

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