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Why I Like Playing With Technology

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Technology is awesome. Technology can simplify life, but it can also be fun. Playing with technology (doesn’t matter if it’s software or hardware) always fascinated people. And I’m one of them.

I recently played a lot with software on my notebook. I found out that a program called “Snap” (not Snapchat) isn’t working somehow. I tried to fix it and tried many ways, but didn’t succeed. As a workaround, I installed another program with the name “Flatpak”. Flatpak does basically the same as Snap, but seems to be a bit more stable. Both want to simplify the packaging and installation of software on different Linux distributions.

However, my journey with Snap and Flatpak didn’t end after I replaced the one with the other on my notebook. I found out that it is the perfect alternative (and a far better method) to how I installed an app (for taking notes) before (that wasn’t natively available in my Linux distribution). So, I built my own Flatpak. I even build a second one and submitted both to the central repository, where they hopefully get accepted.

All of this is pretty unnecessary because I could just go back using Windows instead of Linux or another distro (like Ubuntu), but I don’t want to do that. There are strong reasons for that. I want to stay with my current distribution, but I also want to get things working. And when there aren’t solutions yet, I simply have to build my own (and share them, so others can use them too).

This is some kind of playing because there are probably much easier workarounds, but while finding my custom workaround I learn a lot of things. And learning is fun, especially when you’re deeply interested in what you learn.techntecht

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