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Why I Travel 12 Hours Each Week To Visit My Family

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I’m living in the north of Germany, my mother and sister in the south. Almost each week I’m taking the train from my town to the one where my mother and sister live. Just to see them for 2 days. Why am I doing this?

Last year my father passed away, with whom I used to share the flat. My mother and sister originally also lived there too, but due to a new job, they decided to move southwards. Now they live around 700 kilometers away.

Why do I decide to sit 12 hours in the train each week, just to see them for less then 48 hours? Isn’t it a bit strange?

It may be so. But with the experiences from last year I realized the importance of family. Familiy is something that’s often neglected and you only notice it, when it’s away. And even if it’s just for less than 48 hours each week, I enjoy being with my family. Being together with people you love is something special worth a lot of strains.

What I do during this long hours:

I always plan to use this time very productive, but most often I’m just realaxing, hearing music and thinking about crazy ideas. Or I’m writing this article, code something or read a book. It’s all about my productivity intention.

After you did this a few times, you get used to the long sitting, the switching between multiple trains and the not so well working WiFi.

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