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Why You Should Invest In Yourself - Spend Your Money On The Right Things

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I’m one of those people who are too cheap for many things. No new expensive cell phone, no new fast PC or laptop and no party every weekend. I just don’t want to spend so much money on one thing if it doesn’t make my life somehow better.

Should I work for half a year to buy the latest MacBook, which I don’t need the computing power? I have a laptop that is older and an entry-level device, but it’s definitely enough to compile apps and complete my daily tasks.

Nevertheless, I am not hoarding all my money, which I earn, at home or at the bank, especially in times when inflation causes more loss than interest rates. I’m investing in myself.

I pay for Spotify to be able to enjoy music and bring a little bit of variety into my life. I pay for a gym to keep myself fit, especially when I’m sitting in front of the computer all day long. I pay for servers and domains to pursue my interest and learn new things through experience.

Happiness through Consumption?

Happiness is what we all strive for. We strive to live a fulfilled life, to fulfill our dreams and have joy in life. So that it is not difficult for us to get up every morning and we can go to bed in the evening with a good feeling.

But many people do not succeed. They are not satisfied with their job, interhumanly it doesn’t work the way they would like it to be and they don’t get closer to their goals, if they even have any. In order to make up for this lack of happiness, some people try to consume. Expensive cars to get recognition, Netflix all day or alcohol.

But only consumption does not make you happy.

Invest in yourself!

Cycling is your sport, your passion? Then buy a racing bike instead of a new TV for more Netflix sessions!

You always wanted to be able to speak Spanish, but the course at the adult education centre is too expensive? Then save your next iPhone and go learn Spanish!

You always wanted to go up to the Eiffel Tower? Then travel to Paris and just do it!

There are so many things that can bring you a little closer to happiness, but we are being held. Because we think our iPhone isn’t cool enough, we buy a new one, than spend the money on making a dream come true. Or because we think we don’t want to spend so much money to achieve our goals, we’d rather save.

But every penny you invest in yourself, every penny you use to make you a little happier will come back at some point, even if it’s just because of your happiness that you’re working more concentrated and thereby being more productive.

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