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My writing workflow (Dec 2020)

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It’s probably time to tell you about my blogging workflow one year later (here’s how it was in 2019). And I saw other people writing about their writing workflow. What a meta topic…

Until recently, I mostly used Micropublish to create new articles. A new article was then published using Micropub. First using my Micropub server for Hugo and then using my new CMS.

When I only had access to my phone, I created posts using Indigenous for Android. This also works via Micropub.

I still use Indigenous. But instead of Micropublish, I now use a simple HTML form when I am at the desktop: I have built a simple editor into my CMS. It looks like this:

My blog editor

I have options to create new posts (for this I use Markdown with YAML frontmatter to set parameters), edit posts, delete posts and upload files like images.

Since my CMS can’t do “drafts” yet (but I’ll get around to that soon) I usually use Nextcloud Notes for longer texts and just copy the finished text into the editor when I’m done with writing.

Especially the feature to edit or quickly delete posts has reduced the barrier for me to post anything at all. But also the editor makes it much easier to quickly let out a few thoughts into the world. I’m quite happy to be able to post much faster now, thanks to my new CMS, and not have to wait 20 seconds for my CI tool to rebuild the page.

My writing workflow has definitely improved since last year.

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