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The ActivityStreams module for Hugo should work with image attachments too. This is a test post to see how they are displayed on Mastodon.

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Published on in 💬 Micro
Reply to: A toot by Jan Boddez

Mastodon doesn’t support “Article” posts and only shows the summary from them. But not only that, it doesn’t seem to unescape escaped HTML and that’s why articles from my blog looked so weird on Mastodon, while they worked fine on Pleroma and Microblog.pub. I now fixed the escaping. My Hugo module for ActivityStreams representation is available on Codeberg.


Published on in 💬 Micro
Reply to: A reply by Henrique Dias

You’re right, I just took another look at the specs and corrected the template and added the “mediaType” attribute and set it to HTML. Now microblog.pub shows the summary correctly (even with rendered HTML), Pleroma shows the content correctly (without markup), but Mastodon shows the raw HTML code of the summary. :thinking_face:


Adding ActivityStreams representations to Hugo

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I promised and people already asked, so here is the first part of the documentation about how I enabled ActivityPub support on my Hugo-based blog:


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