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Merging my blogs

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I recently realized my writings are cluttered all over multiple websites. I think that isn’t good and isn’t helping to motivate me to write more often. Instead of publishing something on my blog, I often just write a short tweet. To change this, I decided to merge my blogs, or at least some of them. For this I bought the domain “jlelse.blog” (I think that’s a really fancy one like my main domain “jlelse.

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What's this blog? (And what about Medium?)

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Or why I rent just another server now… It’s not that I don’t have enough server and domain costs etc., because I have bought 7 domains in the last few years and besides the server on which I host my homepage (for 1€ per month) I also use Carrd (approx. 40€ per year) and Fastmail (5€ per month). Why don’t I continue to use the service Medium, which I have always used to publish my literary output and which runs my German blog einGeek?

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Welcome To Dev All The Things!

in Dev

Here I’ll post things for developers. Useful tips I have for newbies or solutions for special problems, you know what I mean. I am visiting hundreds of websites each day, to get tips and tricks for the problems I have, and I want to thank all the other blogging developers out there with my own blog. I hope I can help. But now something about myself: I, student in final school year, have deep knowledge in Android, Java, Kotlin (especially on Android), Databases (SQL) and basic knowledge about PHP, HTML, CSS, C# and more.

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