I just added the feature to my blog that allows you to have any article read to you. For some articles I already add an MP3 file with a natural sounding pronunciation, but now it is also possible to get articles read aloud that don’t have an MP3 file (if the browser and operating system support this). There is an experimental SpeechSynthesis API in some browsers (Firefox and Chrome support the function).
Ashwíṅ Víshnú asked how I created the audio version for my latest post. Here’s a way how you can use the Google Text-to-Speech API to create MP3s from text. A simple way to try this API without a Google Cloud account is to follow these steps: Open this page in a new (private) Firefox tab. Open the Web Developer tools and go to the Network tab. On the page enter the text to synthesize into the text area and choose your config.
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