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Experiences with email-based login

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It is interesting to see that I am not the only one who has a problem with email logins. I find email logins make everything much more complicated than simple password-based authentication. I use a password manager both on the computer in the browser and on my smartphone and can easily have complex passwords filled in automatically. I found it annoying to use myself: Go to arp242.goatcounter.com Enter my email.

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My problem with email logins

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There are some online services that use email login. This means that instead of a combination of user name and password, only the email address is entered and a login link is sent to it. Basically, this is a good option to increase security a bit. The service only needs to store a list of email addresses instead of the corresponding password (hopefully encrypted and hashed) for each user. But somehow this is also quite annoying sometimes.

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