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A long time ago I had used Disqus on this blog for comments, which is not a good idea. Then I switched to utterances and at some point I removed comments altogether.


Towards a Commenting System

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Matt Baer from Write.as wrote about his ideas for a comment system for Write.as called Remark.as. I think he thought things out pretty well and instead of just building a comment system as known from other blog systems, he found a good solution that allows human conversations.


Why you should remove Disqus from your site

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Marko Saric wrote down a few reasons, why you should remove Disqus from your website:


Saying Bye To Google Analytics & Disqus

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When you publish websites, write blog posts and make them available on the internet, it’s not uncommon, that you also want to get statistics about how many people read your stuff, how many people visit your website etc. And you also want to enable comments under your blog posts, giving people an opurtunity to ask questions or just leave a reply.


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