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I found a loophole to prevent those pesky cookie notices

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Mattias Geniar found a way to not have to display a cookie warning on his website and it’s surprisingly simple: Stop. Collecting. Everyone’s. Personal. Browsing. Data. On. Every. Website. I applied his amazingly simple trick to my website a while back and it seems that it still works. 😱

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How ad companies can track you without cookies

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Today I read an article by Kev Quirk about how browser fingerprinting works. In his article (I recommend to read it) he not only explains how websites can use the various information your browser sends to give you an almost unique fingerprint, but he also linked to a tool called “Panopticlick” by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). In my browser (Firefox), I have tracking protection enabled and also uBlock Origin installed and tried to run this tool.

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