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Thoughts on owning my run data

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I use Strava as my tracking app on runs. I used to use Runtastic (now Adidas Running), but unfortunately there is no native app for my Samsung Galaxy Watch. But since Strava has now implemented some more restrictions for free users and I’ve been toying with the idea that I need a different system to own my run data (self-hosted) for a while anyway, I’ve now started to program something myself (as always when my desired solution doesn’t exist…).

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I use my password manager to find unused accounts and delete them

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This is a really bad title, but summarizes what I regularly do and recommend doing regularly. A nice side effect of using a password manager is, that it gives you a perfect overview about all your accounts. From time to time I go through this list (at the moment I have saved over 200 logins) and see if there are any services I no longer use and need. If this is the case I go to the website, log in and try to find the settings to delete that account.

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For the Paranoids: Install Your Own Firefox Sync Server

in Dev

Many people use Google Chrome, because they like it’s fancy syncing feature. You know, open a tab on your PC and just continue on your phone. Or because of the nice built-in password manager. Just save that damn password and it’s securely stored in your Google account and available everywhere. But what about privacy? You can forget it when you use Chrome. You have no privacy there. Google can read all of your browser history, passwords and bookmarks.

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Why I Try to Use Less Google Products - Escaping the data octopus

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Google search, Gmail, Android, Chrome — it is almost impossible to imagine life today without Google’s products. Every day we use products by the Mountain View company for hours without even being aware of it. Why I try to reduce my Google usage, here: It all started with the Google Assistant Until some time ago I was a Google fan. I wanted to use all products, try each service as one of the beta testers.

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