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How my blogroll gets generated (now completely automatic!)

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev
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Yesterday I teased a new post about how I automated my blogroll generation by writing a Go script and using the Miniflux API. Here it is.


Cache Hugo modules in Drone CI

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev

Today I modified my theme to use Twemoji for emojis. To add the SVG files to the theme, I used a Hugo module mount in the config of my theme:


Updated Hugo build workflow

Published on in 💬 Micro

After getting inspired by Kevin C. Coram, the blog is now generated by Hugo on a private Drone CI instance. Using a custom Docker image with Hugo, the site gets generated and the output is then uploaded to the server using rsync. Because this approach is much cleaner than my previous one, I could now also setup things like a preview page and I can update Hugo versions for my sites independently.


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