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Review: Eastpak Provider

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In October I bought myself a new backpack after my old backpack, which I used every day, suddenly fell apart and I needed a replacement. Now, finally, I can write down a few more thoughts about this backpack, the black version of the Eastpak Provider: I need a backpack mainly for the things I need for my study. This is at least one, sometimes even two or three laptops and the appropriate chargers, a drinking bottle, one to three bottles of Huel (so I don’t have to eat in the cafeteria - the meals there aren’t very delicious) and headphones.

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I have a new backpack

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I bought a new backpack, an “Eastpak Provider” to be specific, because my old Nike backpack (I wasn’t able to find information about the model) showed signs of aging and the zipper on the front pocket broke. I used my old backpack for almost everything. School, university, work, traveling, yes even for shopping I used it. It was a good companion the last 6 years and it’s time to finally say goodbye.

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