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Published on in 💬 Micro
Reply to: A reply by Henrique Dias

I played a bit with 11ty today and came to the conclusion to stay with Hugo for now. Much of what Hugo brings with it (multilingual websites, taxonomies etc.) has to be done manually. Sure, 11ty is much more flexible and everything is somehow possible, but somehow it’s too much effort for me (at least for the moment). I have a working Hugo site and it would be best to stick with it for now and start thinking more about things I can blog about instead of just the site itself. And I should also focus on my studies…



Published on in 🔗 Links

I’m currently browsing the docs of the static site generator Eleventy (also known as 11ty). Although I prefer Go and I’m not a big JavaScript (and npm) fan for various reasons, I now consider Eleventy as an alternative to Hugo for my blog. I’m reaching the limits of Hugo more often and have to find complicated workarounds, because it’s almost impossible to add custom functionalities to Hugo. Eleventy is apparently very flexible and can be easily extended.


Jan-Lukas Else