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Did you know that Windows has 52 000 different family emoji combinations? See Emojipedia for more details on family emojis.


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I stumbled over Twemoji by Twitter 🐦 and a Hugo module for Twemoji and thought it might be a good idea to use Twemoji on my blog (I didn’t use the Hugo module, but integrated it directly into my theme - with a few optimizations). In my Flatpak Firefox on Ubuntu most emojis don’t have a color and it isn’t really fun to use emojis in my blog posts when they don’t look great everywhere. Twemoji replaces the Unicode emojis in the browser with SVG images. So if you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you’ll see emojis that look like on Twitter, otherwise you’ll see the default Unicode emojis from your operating system. So expect an increased use of emojis here. 🤓😂


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