Just a small note: I deleted my Microblog.pub instance. I liked this piece of software and it’s a nice single-user alternative to Mastodon, but I don’t need a Fediverse instance anymore. My new fediverse strategy is to use my normal blog to post stuff (you can follow me via @en@jlelse.blog and @de@jlelse.blog) and Miniflux to follow people (Mastodon offers RSS user feeds).

If you reply to posts or mention my user handle in a public post on Mastodon, I will receive a notification and your reply will appear in the “Interaction” section under the post. If you interact with a post on your website and don’t automatically send Webmentions, you can also submit the URL in the form below each post.

By removing Microblog.pub from my server it also reduces the need for resources a lot. Python as well as MongoDB don’t seem to be that resource friendly. I currently use the cheapest VPS option from Hetzner and for the few remaining things hosted there (my website, my blog and some Go tools etc.), it’s more than enough.

I left Twitter one month ago and didn’t miss it a single time. Reading stories about “Brand Blockers” (Medium paywall) just gives me the feeling that this was the right decision. Regarding the “Brand Blockers”: Instead of trying to block hundreds of thousands brands, maybe just block Twitter? Twitter is full of brands. That’s why I first unfollowed everyone and created a list with all the people I followed previously, which had the benefit of a chronological timeline and no promoted tweets in between.
I finally did what I thought about a few months ago: I finally deleted my Twitter account (or rather deactivated it, it will be deleted if I do not log in for another 30 days). I am done with Twitter. I realized that I often only open Twitter when I want to be distracted or procrastinate. I typed “twitter.com” in the address bar of my browser, just to scroll a little and then close the tab again.

I plan to add a bit of ActivityPub to my blog to be able to interact with the fediverse, without the need to use Mastodon, Pleroma or my current microblog. Just my static Hugo blog with it’s dynamic Go-backend. Because I don’t want to implement everything from scratch - I haven’t yet added media support for MicroPub - I am in search for libraries that help implementing ActivityPub, or at least give me a starting point. I discovered the library activityserver, which is used by a tool called pherephone by write.as, maybe that can help me.

What I still have to think about though, is how I’m going to connect it with the rest of the system. And what’s also still missing: The media endpoint and update support for MicroPub (I should do this first).

Or should I just cancel my plans with ActivityPub and wait until Fediverse software supports IndieWeb technologies? 🤔

Some time ago I decided to unfollow everyone on Twitter and put all accounts I previously followed into a list. This gave me the advantage to read tweets in a chronological order and not rely on what Twitter thinks is interesting to me or see “recommended” tweets. Since then I reduced my Twitter usage a lot. But that’s not the only reason, I’m thinking about deleting my account. Twitter is not fun anymore.
I started my fediverse journey with Mastodon, the most popular fediverse / ActivityPub software out there. First I joined a public instance, then I temporarily hosted my own instance, forgot about the fediverse, joined again on a public instance some months later and eventually settled with my own Pleroma instance, which is now running for almost a year. But why shouldn’t I take a look at other options too? Some months ago, I briefly tried Microblog.
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