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"sans-serif" only

in 👨‍💻 Dev

I used to use system fonts for my blog theme, but I rethought this decision and converted to the following font-family in my CSS: font-family: sans-serif; Right, that’s just sans-serif. This should choose the default sans serif font, which is configurable in most browsers. By choosing sans-serif only, I give the reader the option to decide for themselves which font to choose. If I use the system fonts, I ignore the user’s preferences and force a specific font on them, which they may not have set as default for good reasons.

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Google Fonts Analytics

in 🔗 Links

Normally I don’t link to pages from Google, but the analytics of Google Fonts are quite impressive. In total, over 36 trillion fonts have been loaded from Google Fonts. However, the system fonts are often perfectly adequate and do not look bad. Also on this blog only system fonts are used, which means that there is no need to download a font file first. This saves bandwidth, reduces the amount of data sent to Google (none is sent at all) and speeds up loading.

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Use system fonts to make your site load faster

Although it’s great to self-host your web fonts instead of using a service like Google Fonts (that may decrease the privacy of your site’s visitors, because Google can log IP addresses and other stuff), it’s probably not necessary to use web fonts at all. Every PC or tablet or phone has a lot of fonts already pre-installed, which are more than perfect for displaying your website (unless you take a lot of care about corporate design or your personal brand and require a specific font).

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