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Why I quit using Google

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Kyle Piira explains, why he stopped using Google. He used Google products for nearly everything: Emails, calendars, contacts, entertainment, news, web browser, online storage, domains, analytics, ads, … But one day he got an email that changed everything: “Your account has been suspended” It was only a second account but it made him rethink everything. He then switched to mainly FOSS alternatives. It’s definitely a great read! It also reminds me a little of my own rethinking.

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Nextcloud is my favorite cloud

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I have just updated my Nextcloud install from Nextcloud 16 to Nextcloud 17. It’s a Docker-based installation on my Odroid HC2, which I use for a lot of self-hosted softwares. (Thanks to Docker I can forget about all things PHP!) The update worked without problems. And my first subjective impression is, that it runs a bit faster than before. I really appreciate that Nextcloud improves the code with every release, so that it runs faster before, although often new features get added.

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