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Joining Codeberg

in 💬 Micro

I just joined the Codeberg e.V. as an active member. The mission of the Codeberg e.V. is to build and maintain a free collaboration platform for researching, creating, archiving, and preserving knowledge, code, and to document its development process. I really like Codeberg and its mission and use the platform for some of my projects. Today, a fellow student / colleague asked me a few questions about it, then joined himself.

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Some thoughts about LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office

in 💭 Thoughts

I usually prefer using LibreOffice over Microsoft Office because it’s free / libre software and I can use it on Linux. However, while writing a seminar paper, I noticed one feature that LibreOffice Writer is missing and that made me use Microsoft Word for the paper: literature index. I need to make references following the IEEE style. While it’s pretty easy to create a literature index and select whether it should be IEEE style, APA or one of the many other styles, literature indexes in LibreOffice are a pain.

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