The last 3 days I was in Poland with a few other students from my company. We visited the beautiful Wrocław and also met with coworkers based there. On our way to Poland we listened to the radio and there was a show talking about the electronic features of the German identity card. The moderator also said “there are countries who are even better” when it comes to digitalization. But I think “even better” is a huge understatement.

Bring your own WiFi

I'm currently with my family on vacations and we have rented a holiday flat. The description of the flat includes “Free WiFi”, so I would assume there is a functioning WiFi. It may not be fast, but it should be working. But my experience with WiFis in hotels and holiday apartments (at least here in Germany) told me, to better take some precautions and bring my own WiFi repeater with me, which I could also use as an access point when there is access to LAN.
Jan-Lukas Else
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