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Git is great

After Kev Quirk was initially skeptical about Git and was desperate about using it, he finally made it thanks to community help and realized that Git is better than he thought: After 30 minutes I had successfully carried out my first commit and push from the Git CLI. I have to say, once the basics had clicked into place for me, the whole thing became much simpler to follow.

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in 💬 Micro

After reading this tutorial about how to mirror a Gitea repository to other Git hosting services like GitHub, I decided to follow a new strategy regarding my projects. I will use my main Gitea instance for all my public repositories and then mirror them on Codeberg and GitHub. I will also migrate projects from GitHub and Codeberg to my Gitea instance and replace the repos with mirrors. The first repo is this one with a mirror on Codeberg and a second mirror on GitHub.

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Git clients I use

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There might be some people who only use the Git command line interface. But I’m definitely not one of them. I’m way to lazy to always type all the commands. When I’m working on something in VSCodium, I use the integrated Git support, same goes for IntelliJ IDEA. They are great for simple things like staging files and committing them. For me it would be even less productive to open a terminal and type all those commands.

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