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I use hnrss.org to follow Hacker News and stay up-to-date with the tech and developer community. I followed the /frontpage feed, so that my feed reader would collect all submissions that reach the front page of HN. However that’s a lot of stuff and it got too much for me. I then noticed that one is able to filter the feed to just include submissions with more than 50 points (https://hnrss.

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Bringing back the 90s Internet

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There was a discussion on Hacker News the other day about whether blogs are dead or not. I think that there are still many blogs, more than you could ever read. (You can find some of them in my blogroll.) What is different today is that blogs are harder to find. Sure, sometimes when you search for something specific on Google, you find blogs too, but most blogs are more likely to be found via links or aggregators (Hacker News, Lobste.

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Why HN readers don't have a blog

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Yesterday, I asked the Hacker News community why they don’t have blogs, even though they have the necessary technical skills. Many Hacker News readers and contributors have the technical skills to run their own blog and post their opinions. But instead they prefer to use Twitter or other social networks. Why is this so? Is it the effort? I want to respond to some of the answers in this post:

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RSS and the Hacker News frontpage

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I never thought being featured in a website that hits the Hacker News frontpage, results in so many pageviews. Thanks for sharing my blog, Kev! Kev Quirk mentioned my blog and especially my blogroll in his article “Please Add RSS Support To Your Site” (on Hacker News), where he asks blog owners to please provide an RSS feed. I already blogged, that RSS is still alive and it’s actually an integral part of the open web.

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