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Microsoft Surface Go 2 and why I will NOT upgrade

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Microsoft today released Surface Go 2, the successor to the Microsoft Surface Go from 2018. All in all with few innovations, rather small improvements. The display edges have shrunk a bit, there is a model with a faster processor and the battery is a bit bigger. The Verge has published a video where they describe their first impressions of the new generation. I wrote about my reasons for buying the Surface Go (1) and also my impressions after a few months.

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I just upgraded my PC with a WiFi M.2 card with an Intel AX200 chipset (and two antennas), which supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. No more adapters for Bluetooth! Now I’m just waiting for my “Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop” mouse and keyboard and I have a few cables less on my desktop. 😄

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I already have enough devices

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One problem that can occur when you are in a technology-focused bubble is that you often feel the desire to buy new hardware, even though you already have everything you need. The specifications and reports and whatever else you hear about a new device makes you want to have it. All the devices I own already meet all my requirements and I have no legitimate reason to buy a new one.

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My new PC: ASRock DeskMini A300 + AMD Ryzen + Fedora Silverblue

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It’s the first time I actually bought a brand new PC, or better say parts for a new PC. I had to assemble them myself. Until now I only had PCs or laptops with a maximum of 8 GB RAM and no fast CPU. All devices where also refurbished or second hand devices, because I didn’t want to spend so much money on new hardware. And I couldn’t upgrade them more because they were already maxed out.

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