Bye Netlify & Cloudflare

This blog is not hosted on Netlify and Cloudflare anymore. It seems like I’m spending more time for the architecture of my blog then the actual content. But the tasks I did the last days should actually make this blog more solid. I want to reduce my dependency on “free” services like Netlify or Cloudflare that bring a great basic set of features and limits for free use, but require you to pay a lot of money when you reach that limits or need more custom features.

Netlify isn't as bad as I thought it would be

When I wrote, that I switched from a Ghost-based blog to a static site generated by Hugo, I made the following statement: I don’t use a service like GitHub pages or Netlify, because using my own server really guarantees me full control. But it would be a good alternative, if you don’t want to manage your own server. Netlify can also cover the automatic deploy process. Since then I switched all my blogs from Ghost to Hugo, but also started using Netlify for the hosting of my static sites.

4 Reasons Why I Stopped Living on Medium - Building My Own Blog

Actually, I was a Medium hardcore fan. Medium was something like my home. For my writings. And it was the place where I found some reading material. I still do reading on Medium, and actually writing too. But something’s changed. I changed something. Medium is no longer the place where I let my creativity out. It is no longer the place where I press on this field in the upper left corner to start a new article.