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My Thoughts about Meal Replacement Powders

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I have already written an article about the comparison of Huel and Myprotein Whole Fuel Blend. I find such meal replacement powders a very practical thing for several reasons: They’re allowing me to do without junk food. When I’m working, for example, there’s only one supermarket near the office where I can buy baked goods, but not healthy food. So instead of eating me full of baked goods, I can drink powder prepared at home that contains all the nutrition the body needs.

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Huel vs. Myprotein Whole Fuel Blend

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I think I never wrote about “meal replacements powders” on this blog, while I wrote a pretty extensive posts on my German blog once. So if you understand German, you might like to take a read, otherwise maybe try a translation. Usually I just order Huel. Huel was the first and only meal replacement powder I tried. In contrast to many other meal replacement powders, it is without soy and the proteins come mainly from peas and brown rice.

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