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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020

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The result of the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 has been published and as every year it is quite interesting to take a look at it. But it is also important to note that the survey was conducted in February, before some countries went into lockdown. It is interesting to see that Go developers get a much higher average salary than Java developers. Is it perhaps also an advantage in terms of my career that I have been getting more involved with Go lately and that it is my favourite language for my private projects?

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Go and Java

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While I need to use Java for university projects (currently that are one Spring and one Java EE project) and work, I use Go on some personal projects (Hugo backend and KISSS). While I’m getting more familiar with Go (I do Java for many years), I also experience cases where I actually miss language features from Java. Oh and it’s not generics, I’m currently (still) fine without generics. I miss streams.

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Great Open Source Android Libraries

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Libraries are a bunch of code that simplifies developing of certain features and prevent you from reinventing the wheel. Because most Android libraries are open source it’s also possible to fork and modify them. But you should take care about the specific licenses. I’ll present you some more popular, but also some not so popular libraries. But all of them are usable for many different purposes. 1. Material Dialogs A beautiful, fluid, and customizable dialogs API.

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