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How and Why do I write monthly reviews?

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Yesterday I wrote my third monthly review and since I think it has become a habit by now, I will summarize here how and why I am doing this: On some blogs that I follow I see weekly so-called “Weekly Notes”. After I wrote my first annual review for 2019, I didn’t want to start with weekly reviews directly, but started with monthly reviews. And I think that was a good decision.

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My rwtxt setup

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Reply to: A question by Amit Gawande

Amit Gawande replied to my post about journaling with rwtxt with a question regarding my setup: Your setup really sounds interesting to me and I would love to have something similar setup. Can you please elaborate on this a bit? Here’s how it looks like and how exactly I use it… Like a lot of other services, I self-host rwtxt using Docker on my home cloud (using an Odroid HC2).

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Journaling with rwtxt

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For about a month now, I do journaling again. Every evening before I go to bed, I try to write down everything that comes to my mind. I usually write what I have done that day, what my emotions where and other things that I thought about during the day. It has a very positive effect to do that. I wrote about that more detailed on my German blog (Google’s translation).

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