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Using non-Apple hardware usually has one big advantage: Much better upgradeability.

Even though my laptop isn’t as modifiable as the Framework Laptop (it was a lot cheaper, though), I just upgraded its battery from the 36 watt-hour version to double that, 73 watt-hours. Pretty good for a 14" laptop, I think. Based on past battery performance, this new battery should easily last 10 hours of my typical usage.

Past upgrades: 16 GB to 40 GB memory, 512 GB to 1 TB storage.


Why I bought a new laptop 💻

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I just updated my Hardware Uses page. Recently, I bought a new notebook and today I reset my Surface Go and sent it to a trade-in portal.


Probably my next laptop

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At the moment, I don’t need a new laptop. But should I ever need one (which will probably be someday), it will be the Framework Laptop.


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