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My new plan Hey, you may haven’t heard from me for a while (I just wrote a few posts in the mean time on my personal blog). Excuse me for doing such a long break from Medium, I should continue blogging also on Medium, even if my schedule isn’t really allowing that. Writing helps me get rid of those things that anger me and are a really good therapy sometimes.
How the story continued A few weeks ago, everything looked like our friendship did end. But I’m happy that it didn’t. After around two weeks and after I thought a lot about it, I have overcome my self and texted you again. I confronted you although you were ill, I’m so sorry for that. We both agreed we behaved stupidly, everyone busy with his own lives. Since then our friendship recovered.
Really good friends Best friends. The one exception were a friendship between girl and boy works. We knew each other really well. All the details, even intimate ones. But now, our friendship has ended. You said, I wouldn’t care enough about you. Although I tried to be there for you all the time. I always listened to your sorrows. I always tried to help you. You didn’t seem to notice that.
Finding the true activity that fulfills you Lately I have become quieter here on Medium and generally on my blogs. No one has probably noticed this and I would like to sound the all-clear to everyone else. However, it’s not because I don’t enjoy writing anymore or anything, but I have recently found ideas for my other passion, programming and development, which I am now pursuing. And that’s what this short article is all about:

The Fear of Having No Ideas

And my desire to write a book Starting this morning, I’ve been wondering what I can write about all the time. I think, think and think. But fuck, no fucking idea comes to my mind. Why does my creativity fail me so much? The lack of a suitable idea for an article puts me under pressure. Again and again I remember the mantra preached by so many authors here on Medium to post an article every day.