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Subscription fatigue

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Rahul writes about the “app subscription fatigue”. I don’t currently subscribe to apps through the Play Store, but I do pay monthly or yearly for some digital services.

Therefore I decided to make an overview of all my subscriptions to get an overview of my monthly costs for subscriptions.

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Costs to run this blog

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Kev Quirk and Horst Gutmann recently wrote about how much it cost them to run their blogs. So I thought, I could write about it too.

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Did You Ever Consider To Buy A Refurbished Laptop?

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I’m a student and only have a small budget, so I usually think twice (or three or four times) before buying expensive things like electronic devices. Often I’m choosing cheap devices, because they don’t cost much. But often they have some problems, because they are cheap. If you now try to buy a new laptop for less than 300€, you usually get a really bad device with like 4 GB of RAM and damn slow HDDs, if not only eMMC storage.

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