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Inspired by Henrique Dias and his “Watches” page, I added such a site to my website too. I’m not using a tracking service to collect the data though, but write down everything manually. Although doing it automagically is pretty cool. I just try to keep things under my own control and don’t want to start to depend on yet another service. For entries I try to link to The Movie Database, a more open alternative to Amazon’s IMDb.

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Watching movies

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Today I watched a movie. Not a very good one, but one that entertained me. It was funny and I didn’t feel bored, as I do with some other films. And although the niveau of the film was not very high - my mother probably wouldn’t like it - I still don’t see it as a waste of time. There are good boring movies, just as there are also not so good, but entertaining movies (which kind of makes them good, doesn’t it?

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