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I am using Nitter, an alternative interface for Twitter, just in case I want to read a thread on Twitter. Previously I hosted the instance directly on my VPS. Now, however, I host the Nitter instance at home, but make it available on the Internet through Tailscale, a little program I wrote called “ProxyExposer”, and Caddy. 🤓 I also briefly tried publishing a WordPress instance from home to the web this way. But I don’t have a use case for WordPress at the moment.


“Nitter Redirect” add-on to redirect Twitter to Nitter

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It’s not that uncommon to come across a link to Twitter. But when opening the link in the browser, I am often told that the tweet has failed to load. This may be due to my Firefox settings, uBlock Origin or something else, but it was so annoying to have to click on “try again” that I installed an add-on that automatically redirects me from Twitter to Nitter. (See all my installed add-ons here.)


I deleted my Twitter account

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I finally did what I thought about a few months ago: I finally deleted my Twitter account (or rather deactivated it, it will be deleted if I do not log in for another 30 days).


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