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"OnePlus is preloading its phones with Facebook bloatware"

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It was probably a good decision to cancel my OnePlus Nord pre-order. Next to the display issues there are delivery delays and now there’s another problem too. As AndroidPolice reports (warning: this page contains a lot of tracking scripts, uBlock Origin showed me a “55” badge), OnePlus phones also get preloaded with Facebook bloatware (and probably spying software). Having Google services installed, at least the Play Store and stuff needed for that, is one thing, it’s the bitter pill if you want to have access to most apps.

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I cancelled my 1+ Nord pre-order

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Shortly after the official announcement I pre-ordered the 12 GB version of OnePlus Nord on Amazon for 499€ minus 30€ Prime discount. It should have been shipped tomorrow and arrived at my place on Wednesday. However, I cancelled the pre-order today after I came across an article about display problems with this and other OnePlus devices (this is apparently not a rare problem with 1+). And to be honest, I don’t really need the new device yet.

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