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Owning my podcast

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Two years ago, I was in a stage where podcasts really excited me. I have heard many podcasts myself and some of my online acquaintances have also started to start their own podcasts. So I decided to do that as well and gain some experience. With the app Anchor (meanwhile acquired by Spotify) it was very easy. Using an app on your mobile phone, record with your mobile microphone a podcast and publish it.

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Why Did I Forget The Greatness Of Podcasts?

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I like podcasts. I really like podcasts. But it’s only a few days since I rediscovered how much I like them. Like a week ago my friend Zan started his own podcast (together with another guy). Because I follow his work I also listened to the first two episodes. Their podcast is called “Pocket Friend” and they talk about all things mobile. A topic I’m really interested in. Also one of my favorite YouTubers recently started podcasting.

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