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Happy Birthday, Go!

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I develop code in Go for just a few months now, but I learned to like it. It’s fast, simple and can produce static binaries. In contrast to Java (the language I have to use for a lot of university and work stuff) it does many things much simpler. And I think Go is really easy to learn, also thanks to its good documentation. There are over a million Go developers worldwide, and companies all over the globe are looking to hire more.

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kis3: Why I'm writing my own website statistics tool

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When you host your static website on a service like Netlify, it’s not that easy to get statistics of your website visitors without violating their privacy by using tools like Google Analytics. Because it’s a static website you can’t use some statistics plugins the way you can in WordPress and it’s also not possible to view which pages the server is serving, because Netlify doesn’t give you access to it’s logs.

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