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Why I now mute my watch

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I am a user of a smartwatch. It is already the third smartwatch in my life (first the Sony SmartWatch 3, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch and now the Galaxy Watch 4) and I am actually quite satisfied with it. I always need an easy way to see the time, even when I’m riding my bike and can’t look at my smartphone (being on time is important to me!), plus it counts my steps and gives me the ability to view notifications right on my wrist so I don’t always have to get my smartphone out of my pocket first.


A browser for my smartwatch

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Until recently, I used the first generation Galaxy Watch with Tizen. For Tizen, Samsung had released a browser app for smartwatches. This allowed me to view links in notifications directly on the smartwatch when I didn’t want to reach for my phone.


About my new watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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In response to my teasing post about my new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, James suggested I share my experience with the watch on my blog and asked what my reasons are for wearing a smartwatch. So here is my answer.

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