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Yesterday, I wrote it's time to stop using Facebook, and I wrote about how I'm still using Instagram and WhatsApp. To be able to delete my Instagram account soon, I'm now building an Instagram archive on my website with photos I originally published on Instagram. For the gallery I took inspiration from hugo-easy-gallery and the gallery on (source) and used PhotoSwipe. It's a really nice JavaScript library without dependencies.

I deleted my Facebook account back in 2017. If you still have an Facebook account, maybe think again if you really need it. There's this site and Kev Quirk also wrote a list of reasons why using Facebook might be a bad idea.

Although I have no Facebook account anymore, I still use WhatsApp and Instagram. WhatsApp is really popular in Germany (despite being owned by Facebook) and without WhatsApp you would socially exclude yourself from too many things. All university groups are coordinated via WhatsApp - although I study computer science and people there have technical knowledge, it's sad… I only use it for group chats though, because almost all my contacts use Telegram.

In the past I used Instagram to share moments from my life, stay in touch with some people and get to know new people, but since I've been in a happy relationship, my Instagram usage decreased to almost zero. I will probably export everything and post pictures on PixelFed or maybe a section on my website or blog instead.

One or maybe two years ago, you could have been looking at my life and you probably would have noticed that I spent a lot of my time with social media. I knew about all the trends, I knew what was going on in my circle of friends, I knew who was on vacation and where. I had all the apps and was represented on all the social networks and filled them regularly, if not too often with unnecessary content.
For the last two weeks I had holidays. Actually, but not really, because I didn't really notice much of the holidays. Christmas and New Year's Eve were, and most people spent their time at this time of the year, with their eating and sitting around. But my mother and I did a lot of things in the apartment to be able to rent a room soon. Clear cabinets, throw away old magazines, paint walls.
Maybe I'm getting paranoid right now, or maybe I'm going into some sort of social media detox. After deleting my Facebook account some time ago and saying goodbye to Snapchat, I also deleted my reddit account. Why? That's what I'm telling you here… Over the last few months, I've learned a lot. Among other things, social media is designed to steal our time. To seduce us, to waste our time with nonsense that doesn't make us any smarter, more experienced or otherwise better, instead of doing something that will help us progress.
How many flames have you got? Who’s your red heart? What’s your score? Snapchat sucks. I banned this app from my smartphone and that’s not only for one reason… Reason #1: Bad Android app Yes, this may be a reason not relevant to everyone, but the app for Android is simply a disgrace to Snapchat. Slow, memory-hungry and generally not state of the art. Furthermore: Problems when signing in on rooted smartphones, for someone like me this is of course a disaster, because only to sign in the device has to be unrooted first, so that it has to be rerooted after logging in.
Have you noticed, too? At least for me, it felt like nothing was happening on Facebook. My generation (I was born 1999) seems to use Facebook only to comment on useless memes and mark each other as often as possible under posts. Maybe it may be because of my age group, but Facebook is somehow not what it used to be. In the past, we used to share and comment on each other’s experiences on Facebook, sharing and commenting on each other’s lives.
Jan-Lukas Else
20 years old student who writes about everything he cares about.