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Streaming or MP3s?

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As I write these lines, I listen to music on Spotify. To a playlist named “Lowkey Tech” with “chill techno and chill house” music. Recently I have been enjoying this music a lot. Electronic music, but relaxed and mostly without vocals. Before I started using Spotify over 5 years ago, I often bought CDs on iTunes or Google Play Music. Often I got gift cards for my birthday, which I redeemed for either apps or music.

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Spotify: Wrapped 2019

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The end of the year is coming and so came a mail from Spotify telling me about my musical year in review. I didn’t use the same Spotify account the whole year, but needed to create a new account somewhere around summer because the student discount (5€ instead of 10€ per month for Premium) expired after some years, although I’m still a student. It seems I have a very mixed music taste and don’t define myself via one genre.

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