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My new coding workflow: VS Code + Remote-SSH extension

in 👨‍💻 Dev

I recently rediscovered the ability of Visual Studio Code to develop on remote machines. Just connect to a server via SSH and develop there.

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Developing 10x faster with my Surface Go and Visual Studio Code

in 💭 Thoughts

This thought was written using Visual Studio Code from my Surface Go, but via a SSH remote connection to my ASRock Deskmini. Today I found this article on dev.to about someone using a Microsoft Surface Go to connect to a remote Azure instance to develop Java apps. I thought why shouldn’t I try something similar using my Surface Go and my desktop PC? Whenever I’m on the go (on the Go), I just need to connect via the VPN to home, turn on the desktop using Wake-on-LAN and then I can use Code to remote-develop on a Linux machine with a bit better specs than my Surface Go.

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