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Google will delete your data when inactive

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Google is introducing new policies to cause data in unused products to be deleted after extended periods of inactivity. For example, anyone who has uploaded photos to Google Photos but does not use Google Photos for two years will have their photos automatically deleted.


My storage setup

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Reply to: A question by Henrique Dias

Since I use many different devices and want to access the same files from all of them, I run my “own cloud” at home with an Odroid-HC2 (a Raspberry 4 or similar device should work just as well). A 2 TB NAS hard disk (Seagate Ironwolf) is connected to the HC2, where all files are stored. Using Docker I have installed Nextcloud for files (documents, photos, etc.) as well as Gitea (code repositories). Encrypted incremental backups are done daily at night using restic and uploaded to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage (they are quite cheap and now also have a European data center).


Windows: External Storages and File Systems

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Yesterday I ordered an external SSD to have a bit more storage on the go when using my Surface Go, but also to exchange files between my devices (it has an USB C cable, so it should even work with my phone). I have a huge (4TB) external HDD already, but that needs more power than what comes out of the USB C port on the Surface, so when I want to use that, I have to use a charging cable and that’s suboptimal.


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