Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester with two lectures, one in the forenoon, one in the evening. I am really very curious how this semester will be and if everything will work out as I have planned. Although the practical phase was only very short (only 6 weeks), it will still be a change from going to the office at the same time every day and not having to do anything after work, to going to university at different times every day, sometimes even in the evening, and then to do tasks and study at home.

Using Windows

The new semester in university started again and I’m using Windows for university things now. Yes, excuse me, I said Windows. I’m using it on my new Microsoft Surface Go. I try to find a workflow that works best on Windows. In Windows some things need to be done differently, but I think so far I’m ok with it and get used to it. Just a few days ago, I found out about Chocolatey.
When I wanted to create the file for todays blog post, my static blog system told me, there’s already a post with the same post slug. That wondered me and I thought it must be an error. But it wasn’t. I already wrote about “lack of motivation” more than a year ago. That just shows how much I struggle with motivation. At the moment I struggle a lot again. Currently I have to learn for exams.
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